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I'm a puravida rep and I'm in love with these bracelets.
  1. Rain Gardens
  2. Cinnamon spice
  3. Mojave morning
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  1. The Henry doorly zoo
    Including the awesome rainforest, bayou, desert dome, interactive butterfly pavilion and the giraffes you can feed!
  2. The Sandhills
  3. The great platte river road archway monument
    Probably my favorite museum.
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In no particular order
  1. Alaska
    To see the northern lights
  2. Arizona
    Williams and Sedona, the Devils bridge, the Grand Canyon
  3. Arkansas
    The Ozarks
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  1. 1992: Minnesota
    I learned to walk at our uncle Sams house
  2. 1992: South Dakota
    I vaguely remember being in a zip line car and a life size statue of the Flinstones
  3. 1995-2015: South Dakota
    Every summer since I was 3 I've spent time up at swan lake.
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