List of Baby Names That I Would Name a Human or Dog

  1. Cadence
  2. Kennedy
  3. River
  4. Beckett
  5. Auden
  6. Fia
  7. Nia
  8. Amaya
  9. Amira Elaina
  10. Adeline
  11. Lennox
  12. Kaiser
    definitely just for dogs
  13. Oden
    probably just for dogs
  14. Windsor
    probably not for either but I like it
  15. Meatball
    Definitely for a dog, I'm not a monster
  16. Trigger
    This is slowly turning into a "names just for dogs" list because I don't really want children but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  17. Jaxy
    Really, it's just a dogs name list
  18. Luna
    This ones good for a human or dog I guess. Or cat. I like Harry Potter but there was no way I was gonna name my kid Harry, Ron, Hermoine or Neville
  19. Kyro
    Again, dog
  20. Wesson
    Like the gun, but this wouldn't work either, people would mispronounce it too much
  21. Grumble
  22. Buttermilk
    This one is for a goat. Cause I'm gonna get a goat
  23. Kenya
  24. Edison
  25. Indiana