1. 1992: Minnesota
    I learned to walk at our uncle Sams house
  2. 1992: South Dakota
    I vaguely remember being in a zip line car and a life size statue of the Flinstones
  3. 1995-2015: South Dakota
    Every summer since I was 3 I've spent time up at swan lake.
  4. 1996: California
    Disneyland trip, I threw up in the rental car and almost got lost down main street. I also got a Dalmatian stuffed dog and my autograph book signed.
  5. 1996: Colorado
    We went up pikes peak and it was freezing. I got a back scratcher that Andrea broke. A pillow flew past us on the highway and I got wax string to play with on the way home
  6. 2003: Minnesota
    We visited the mall of America, rainforest cafe and bubba gumps. We passed through the native reserve on the way back
  7. 2005, 2007-2009: Massachusetts
    We visits Salem and Plymouth Rock and the beach, had Thanksgiving at Missy's and visited the city and Paul reveres grave and an ocean spray cranberry farm
  8. 2007: California
    A week long mission trip/ Mennonite convention. It was a lot of fun and we had great time worshiping God
  9. 2008: Missouri
    Technically Kansas city for a class field trip. We went shopping and on rides at 6 flags. It was pretty cool. We also saw wicked
  10. 2011-2012: Kansas
    Chelsea and I went to HPC and we celebrated her bachelorette party and wedding. Numerous trips down there.
  11. 2012: Sweden
    Two weeks in a foreign country, we saw amazing things. I loved Gekas and their house, and visiting the palace in Stockholm
  12. 2014-2015: Colorado
    We stayed at my roommates, the first year we climbed red rocks and the second year we hiked the Manitou Incline- it was rough
  13. 2015: Wyoming
    Went with my best friend, almost broke my arm, probably broke my tailbone. Definitely did not learn to snowboard, hated most of the trip.
  14. 2015: Massachusetts
    Andreas bachelorette party, it was amazing. We got to walk around the city and met awesome people, laughed until our sides hurt.