In no particular order
  1. Alaska
    To see the northern lights
  2. Arizona
    Williams and Sedona, the Devils bridge, the Grand Canyon
  3. Arkansas
    The Ozarks
  4. California
    Harry Potter world, Disney land, avenue of the Giants, the Winchester mystery house, Yosemite
  5. Egypt
    The pyramids of Giza
  6. Florida
    Harry Potter world
  7. Georgia
    The Appalachian trail
  8. Germany
    The Berlin Wall, Hohenzollern castle in Germany
  9. Hawaii
  10. Ireland
  11. Israel
    Jericho, the river Jordan
  12. Italy
    Verona- Juliette's balcony
  13. Louisiana
    New Orleans during marti gra
  14. Massachusetts
    Including Plymouth Rock, Salem, and the old north church (I know that's not all in Boston but I don't like west mass)
  15. Minnesota
    Mall of America (again)
  16. Montana
    Ranch country
  17. Nevada
    Area 51
  18. New Mexico
    Does anyone member a Disney channel original movie called Buffalo dreams? It made me fall in love with openness
  19. New York
    Ground zero, Long Island, cony island, Manhattan
  20. Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, independence hall
  21. Scotland
    Ever since I saw my little vampire
  22. Tuscany
    A tiled roof sunset view please
  23. Ukraine
  24. Utah
    Route 66, monument valley
  25. Wyoming
    Yellowstone national park
  26. Washington D.C.
    Smithsonian museum