1. Not being perfect
  2. brain chemistry
  3. When the person I'm thinking of doesn't somehow magically know and text me seven verses of reassurance that I'm loved
  4. Men who hate women
  5. Women who hate women
    Just, really anyone or thing that hates women. We are so nice and pretty and darling and deserve love. Even if we aren't any of those things.
  6. Daddy issues, the real version and sometimes the funny version
  7. Anytime I hold back honest affection for fear of negative social ramifications
  8. Any country song about cheating
  9. When I'm helpless
  10. The not gentle way genetics work
  11. Negative people
  12. Any possibility that Brad and Angelina won't be together until they're old and decrepit
  13. If you don't get a kiss goodbye
  14. Meanies