Headlines I Read Today That I Thought Were for Onion Articles

  1. "Is the Trump campaign just an elaborate scheme for selling trucker hats?"
    Source: New York Magazine
  2. "Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem crashed the stage at a U2 concert and wouldn't leave."
    Source: Vulture
  3. "Former Playboy twins in car crash on way to get nipples pierced."
    Source: LAist
  4. "Pork. It's what's for dinner once more at federal prisons."
    Source: NPR
  5. "An 11-year-old girl's stick figure drawing helped police catch a burglar."
    Source: Time
  6. "What is the point of Katy Perry, even?"
    Source: The Cut
  7. "A great marriage is better for your health, but an O.K. one does nothing, a new study shows."
    Source: Time
  8. "On Tinder, off sex" source: New York Times
    Suggested by   @ZachWetzel