I usually watch movies on TV to cry -- because I have no feelings in real life. Awwwwwww
  1. E.T.
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    Come on!! Cue the waterworks... "E.T. DON'T LEAVE ME!!!", "I'll be right here", "E.T., I love you"
  2. On Golden Pond
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    No film makes me laugh or cry more. The family dynamic, the scenery, the youth, the age...its just a slice of life. And the performances...c'mon.
  3. Cape Fear
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    Ok, it doesn't make me cry. But this is a perfect film. The atmosphere, the performances, the score, the subtle details in direction, the suspense -- ya know what makes me cry? The remake. And the fact that people liked it.
  4. The Family Stone
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    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas...*clears throat*
  5. Ordinary People
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    Everything about this film. Judd Hirsch as the caring tough psychiatrist, Donald Sutherland's weakness, Timothy Hutton's disturbance, and Mary Tyler Moore's icy detached mothering -- it gets me every time.