Sometimes you need to use Photos as your "iVisionBoard"
  1. "Joe D. and Beverly Coker" and the Eure's.
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    My high school (and, now) life galpal Winnie was magically celebrating her Honeymoon in St. Lucia the same time I was on vacation with my friend Carmen. She and her husband Chris snuck us into Sandals and made us pose as a couple vacationing at another branch of the hotel. That food tasted like freedom and lies! A truly exhilarating experience. This photo reminds me that I can be a badass.
  2. #RobinEppersonMcCarthy
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    This lady is my good luck charm. Who knew a conversation between wine lovers two years ago at Roanoke Vineyards would lead to countless wine-pairing events, a restaurant, a new winery launch, a gluten free catering company, a #SaltbirdCellars street team, #EndOfTheLineGF French Macarons, and a fun friendship!
  3. My family
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    The see me and my best and worse and love me unconditionally. What else could I do besides return the favor?
  4. #WineAtTheFinishLine, #EndOfTheLineGF & Jennifer Nappi
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    My best friend and I at a classy event. It reminds me of the incredible things we've created in the past two years -- wait, I mean 20 years.
  5. Creativity
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    A reminder of the beautiful things Jen and I can create.
  6. The Gym
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    Yep! This is how I get to the gym. Ya need a reminder! #goals
  7. Dessert
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    Every so often I pinch myself that I run a restaurant and have a wheelhouse for creativity.
  8. Music
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    While it's STILL not released. Tracking an album with amazing people is up there on the pinch me list. I love this picture -- the sun shining in -- such good omens.
  9. Parking Lot Party!
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    Tailgating -- the best kind of StayCation.
  10. Impulse Buys!
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    Sometimes you just have to remember that you have Super Nintendo waiting for you at home.