I had a to-do list that ended much the way it started, and these are some of the reasons why. What prevents you from getting things done?
  1. Mid-morning need to wait at rental unit for Home Depot to deliver appliances.
    "Will arrive in the next 30 minutes" is very open on its own, but add in that they are significantly late and it gets worse.
  2. Contacting the unknown manufacturer of an unknown office desk model that broke in our office.
    Worse still: upon getting finding all the appropriate information, getting them to send a replacement without charge as long as I can provide photos... then waiting for the photos to arrive from the out-of-town individual who took them.
  3. Anything at the post office.
    I am shocked how the process of mailing an item is completely foreign to so many people. And everyone else is probably just stupid.
  4. Bank tellers wanting to "chit chat."
    I am pretty sure that I came in to make monetary transactions, not talk about my weekend. Plus, I am certain I don't give off the "I like to chat" vibe.
  5. Employees insisting on telling me how busy they are today.
    Actually, if you were busy you wouldn't be here telling me how busy you are.