Maybe I should revisit some of these ideas...
  1. Ages 3-5: The Pink Power Ranger
    Why? Because she was pink and she fought people.
  2. Ages 6-7: Police Officer
    Growing up in a small town with only male cops, I legitimately thought I would be the first female cop ever. I couldn't wait to kick down doors.
  3. Ages 8-13: Paleontologist or Archaeologist
    I'm not going to say Indiana Jones didn't have some sway on my decision making skills here because he definitely did. I was going to discover something new, become famous, and buy a mansion big enough for all of my friends to live in with me. This lasted up until I realized how long I would have to go to college to become one.
  4. Ages 14-18: Radio DJ
    I'm not sure on this one to be quite honest.
  5. Ages 18-20: Museum Curator
    Again, these guys go to college for forever.
  6. Ages 20-Now:
    Good question...