@sophia wanted to know more! Here's the thing about placenta: most companies don't fuck with it, so there's not a lot out there. I've bought every placenta product I've ever seen. Here's what I like. (You can order most of this stuff online or at a beauty supply shop if you live in a black area like me, but don't be weird and Columbus-y about it.)
  1. Hask Henna n Placenta conditioning treatment WITH OLIVE OIL (my 'centa dealer [i do not actually have a placenta dealer] charges $1.50). Placenta smells like Fritos. Aim to smell like a light summer salad instead. This shit is my jam.
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  2. Queen Placenta Helene Hot Oil Treatment (maybe $2). I've actually never used this but I convinced my friend Jaya to try it out and she swears by it now. It made her curls shinier and more defined.
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  3. I don't know what this mask is actually called -- I put "placenta face mask" into Amazon and this showed up. It's maybe $6, and you can use both sides. The mouth hole is way too small and placenta covered chips taste bad, but you pop this baby on and you've got silky skin.
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