let go ✨

  1. don't hold it in
    it's okay to cry about it if you have too. listen to the song that makes you feel too deeply or watch that one scene from a show that made you cry
  2. don't hold a grudge
    that's life bud, shit happens but you can't hold onto it
  3. they're people too
    they go through stuff too and sure it may bother you, you can't blame them all the time
  4. move on
    not everything works out and if it doesn't keep going and don't look back
  5. learn from it
    every obstacle/course you take in life can be a lesson for something in the future
  6. you'll be okay
    you get angry or annoyed easily, it's what is bittersweet about you. but you're anger will go away, it won't last forever even if it seems it will. you'll be okay.
  7. smile
    find something that makes you smile and laugh, it'll make you feel better
  8. just know
    you'll look back on it, if you remember this in the future, and maybe laugh or cringe but it won't be so bothersome because it was a fleeting moment that bothered you