1. positivity
    to be not be so negative and doubtful because i may not have not have shown it but i was genuinely doubting myself all the time, it sucked
  2. confidence
    in who i am or am becoming
  3. health
    i love junk food but sometimes it doesn't love me
  4. art
    to be more passionate about my art and others too because it's a beautiful thing
  5. learn a new language
    i'm already learning spanish (out of force lol) but learning one on the side, on my own accord sounds fun
  6. exercise
    this isn't definite but it'd be nice if this was an actual part of my schedule
  7. read one book every month
    i haven't been reading much or if i start a book i don't finish it because of school taking up my time, and i really want to get back into it
  8. study more
    i love education but i'm such a procrastinator that it's actually pitiful
  9. love more
    there are many things to love, many people to love and with an open heart it'll be easier to do so and not be so guarded
  10. write more
    it's one of the things i love and i don't want to lose the ability to just do it (if that makes sense)