Best things about my road trip to California

  1. Drivin from Austin to El Paso
    this stretch was so long and boring but I got a cool pic somewhere
  2. Spent the night in El Paso
    got to hang with one of my good friends who is moving to NM and hike the star lol
  3. Drivin from El Paso to Arizona
    This stretch was longer than we anticipated but so nice and pretty
  4. This is Luna Lake
    right inside between Arizona and NM
  5. Arizona
    self explanatory
  6. Ugh driving down from Show Low go Phoenix
    We thought our friend lived in Flagstaff and had to drive an extra hour south but it was worth it because it was such a nice drive
  7. Spending the night in Phoenix
    at this really cool sk8r house lol, my friend's friend is very cool and good looking and has a dope themed house
  8. From Phoenix to Mar Vista
    We took pics with all the state signs
  9. Went to Joshua Tree Ntl Park
    got to hang and hike around this neat desert park, first time I ever did!
  10. Mar Vista to LA
    Ok I know they are technically so close but it was another day so it gets another title and look at beautiful Santa Monica Beach!! Sooo cold tho, like so cold
  11. LA to Hollister, Hollister to Yosemite
    This drive was dope and the final stretch of our journey. Now we are at camp!