thanks @dominique for this request
  1. How to get away with Murder
    I mean this show has everything to offer what someone would want from a show : drama, funny scenes, and lots of sex lol
  2. The Mindy Project
    this show is sooo funny and well written I always laugh through every episode and I'm glad Hulu picked it up (ps: I mean Chris Messina is always hot I mean omg)
  3. Brooklyn 99
    ANDY SAMBERG is already enough of a reason but of course it's funny as hell and the plots are always so well written and I love that it's about a squad who's so funny and I love every single character !
  4. New Girl
    I like this show for its comedy and good writing but I think the writers screwed up Nick/Jess for me but I mean the show has more to offer than Nick and Jess