Don't worry, I know exactly where all of my Emmy's will go.
  1. Grey's Anatomy || Cristina Yang
    I'm basically her already but with half of the self-discipline. I'd like to request a body double for the whole icicle impalement though.
  2. How To Get Away With Murder || Ophelia - Annalise's Mom
    How would I play Cicely Tyson - a woman in her 70s - you ask? Good lighting and a lot of darn sass.
  3. Gilmore Girls || Emily Gilmore
    Emily is the worst and simultaneously the best. Plus I think I'd bring an element of bougie black girl to the role that round out some of her lesser moments.
  4. Scandal || Sally Langston
    I know, I know. You probably thought I would go for Olivia - is it because I'm Black?! (Comments like this are how I'd get kicked off set.) Seriously though, I love how ridiculous Sally is and I do a spot on "Lovers of Liberty" impersonation.
  5. Scandal Pt. II || Papa Pope
    I just want the petty yet, profound monologues that Papa Pope gets to dole out. Especially the ones where he reads Fitz to filth.
  6. The West Wing || CJ Cregg
    Yeah, was going to be more creative here but who really turns down the role of CJ, if offered?
  7. The Good Wife || Diane Lockhart
    Sure, Julianna Margulies gets all of the cute guys on the show. But Diane? Diane is wicked smart AND has the most phenomenal wardrobe.
  8. House of Cards || Jackie Sharp
    Claire is my favorite character but Robin Wright has a stillness I can't quite capture. It will probably be better for my psyche long-term that Jackie also seems to have a conscience.
  9. The Office || Jan & Kelly Kapoor
    I want to play both roles in the same episode but with different wigs. Unfortunately, I get fired after the first season for continuously breaking character.
  10. Parks and Rec || Donna
    I would live tweet every single table read. This alone would convince the network to bump me to series regular.
  11. Who would you wanna play?!