I've known since I was five years old that Santa wasn't an actual person. #ThanksObama I kid, I kid. #ThanksMom
  1. It's Christmas Eve and my mom sends my little brother to bed early. 🎁
    We're told to stay in bed or else Santa won't come. Apparently if we're still awake when he's in the neighborhood, he'll skip our house. A classic line used by parents across the nation.
  2. I'm in bed but I'm not sleepy - Santa's gonna be here soon! 😬
    Plus I hear some rustling in our living room. I would later find out that wrapping gifts is a noisy activity in a tiny house.
  3. I decide to get out of bed to get some water.
    But also peek into the living room just in case. 🙈
  4. LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE - my mother wrapping gifts but more importantly, EATING THE COOKIES WE LEFT FOR SANTA. 😦
    No shame and clearly, no respect.
  5. "Mommy those are for Santa." ❌
    I'm both confused and intrigued.
  6. Her response: "Santa isn't real. Now have a cookie and don't tell your brother." 🙃
  7. I grabbed a cookie from Santa's plate and scurried back to bed. 🙊
  8. I kept Santa's identity secret for years. 💁🏽
    It also gave me a weird power over my little brother. At any moment I could crush his Santa dreams but because deep down I'm a good person, I did not. #nicelist
  9. Maybe this is why cookies taste especially delicious at Christmastime? 🎄🍪