I finally made the jump and started watching the West Wing at the ripe age of 24. Here are a few reasons that this show is ev-er-y-thing. Oh, and I have a few concerns about where we go post season 4.
  1. I'd like to take a moment to talk about the RIDICULOUS amount of actors who were on this show before they took on what I'm deeming their signature roles.
    Nick Offerman // Emily Proctor // Sam Jaeger // Felicity Huffman // Joe from the Princess Diaries// Amy Adams // Mark Harmon (did he really have to go out like that) // Mary Louise Parker // @bjnovak apparently with ridiculously long hair // LILY TOMLIN (I know she was a BFD before this) // James Spader // Taye Diggs
  2. You need to use your brain to watch the WW, which is refreshing amid current political drama offerings.
    Yes, Olivia Pope still slays. No, I don't need to use my brain to tweet about her convoluted relationship with the POTUS.
  3. Chris Traeger was my first introduction to Rob Lowe and I quickly realized the character quirks are actually just Rob Lowe quirks. This makes Sam Seaborn even better as a character.
    He is LITERALLY the same person. But, don't think that line about a good dog breaking his leash went unnoticed by my critical lens.
  4. If I were a white woman, I'd aspire to be Claudia Jean in all her glory.
    "I'm the press secretary boo boo, I don't have that kind of time." 😭😭😭 Tears streaming down my face at that line. Sorry bout it, Chandler Bing - CJ Cregg wins this round.
  5. The technology.
    Mildly concerning that there was once a time where we made national decisions with the military grade equivalent of AOL.
  6. Toby is the physical manifestation of my internal dialogue.
    Sass for days and I'm here for it.
  7. The feels. This show gives me so many feels.
    Outside of the sweeping idealistic walk and talks, there are quiet moments between characters that got ya girl feeling some kind of way.
  8. Oh, my concerns for season 5 and beyond.
  9. We never said goodbye to Sam...he was just removed from the opening credits and they thought we wouldn't notice.
    Yes this also happened to Mandy. Don't waste your time asking if I care. What does this mean for the rest of our favorite characters' storylines? Will they mess with a good thing? (Yes, the answer is yes)
  10. Will @Flurn's character grow on me? In my mind he's still the attorney general on Scandal who's messing with the Vice President's emotions.
  11. How are the writers going to get me invested in a presidential candidate that isn't President Bartlet?
    Don't think I forgot about "in this White House when the president stands, nobody sits." Go ahead and assert yourself masculinity!
  12. Welp, on to season 5 where the dad from Roseanne is currently President.
    Yes Netflix, I'm still watching.