Leaving the squad is ok - never again contacting your ride or die of 12 years is just plain rude. Here are the guest stars Dick Wolf and Co. used to distract us from the lack of Benson & Stabler in Season 13
  2. Chloe Sevigny
    I've never been a fan and her character made up a rape and blamed it on three black men. Really this made me more angry than anything else.
  3. Monica from the Good Wife aka the woman who somehow got cast in Les Mis on Broadway
    Admittedly, Nikki M. James has more talent than I will ever have but I think I'm still upset by her Tonys performance? And she always plays characters that bother me.
  4. James Van Der Beek
    I literally fell asleep during his confession - that's how boring JVDB is to me!
  5. What is the guy from the Devil Wears Prada doing on SVU?
  6. Miranda Lambert
    She played an aspiring starlet so she really didn't have to flex her acting ability.
  7. Matan Brody from the Good Wife
    Chris Butler is always popping up in tv shows. He's just a run of the mill sergeant (and kind of a pain to Benson and Amaro) so he doesn't really sell season 13 of SVU for me.
  9. Elsbeth Tascioni, I mean Carrie Preston
    It's becoming obvious that I'm really into the Good Wife. Her character is VILE but the acting is 👌🏽 per usual.
  10. Ron Rifkin
    Two appearances in this season - basically this dude in everything.
  11. Ambiguously English women that always manages to get an episode or two on popular American TV shows
    I wasn't even surprised when she showed up on The Catch.
  12. Dr. Hahn from Greys
    Brooke Smith doesn't get a ton of screen time in season 13 but she does bring the heat in season 14. Gotta stay tuned for her true acting abilities!
  13. Harry Connick, Jr.
    David Hayden gets a four episode arc in season 13. But let's be real, we only tolerate him because Benson needs a little love in her life. He kind of takes advantage of Benson when she's vulnerable and is easily one of the worst love interests for Olivia.
  14. Steve from Sex and the City
    Solid, solid acting by David Eigenberg in an episode about body modification. Miranda would be proud and terrified.
  15. Danny Concannon
    I assume that Danny is drawn to the mail order bride business in this episode because he and CJ have a MAJOR rift because they are a divided Clinton/Sanders household.
  16. Huck from Scandal
    I'm not even being playful - Guillermo Diaz basically plays Huck from Scandal in an episode. BUT, he does make Benson question if she is really wearing the white hat!
    Forgot Stabler was gone for 42 minutes!
  18. Martha Stewart
    Less than two minutes of screen time but a fun surprise! I wonder if she critiqued the interiors of the SVU set.
  19. Laura Benanti
    HOW DID I MISS THAT SHE'S MARRIED TO AMARO?! You get SIX episodes with Laura Benanti in season 13. Well played, Dick Wolf.
  20. Nate from How to Get Away With Murder
    I recognized Bill Brown while watching an episode at 2:17 in the morning and screaming ensued. While I appreciated his appearance, my sleepy roommate did not.
  21. Freddy the Rib Guy from House of Cards!
    What more do I need to say here?
  22. "Cassidy, you ass." - Olivia Benson
    Brian Cassidy/Mayhem is back! And while he's still pretty heinous, we also give him a pass as a future love interest for Benson. Plus, in a weird way seeing Benson getting along with him so well let's us know she'll be able to make it without Stabler on the squad.
  23. Andre Braugher aka Bayard Ellis
    Or should I say, BAEyard Ellis?! Bayard is THE most woke character on SVU and I'm convinced he's personally organizing Black Lives Matter protests in NY. ✊🏾 We get 4 episodes of him spitting nothing but truth and serving up some much needed realness for Manhattan SVU. Also, I can't be the only one who sees sparks between Bayard and Olivia? 🔥
  24. VERDICT:
    Benson deserves closure but there are enough distractions to keep us entertained until that fateful episode happens.
  25. Did I mention, I'm really into SVU?