Today I went to bring birthday balloons to a colleague and I came back into my office and there was a Christmas surprise waiting! My brain didn't know how to deal.
  1. Wait a second...what is this festive bag doing on my desk?
  2. Is this for me? Well it's on my desk so I'm going to go for it.
  3. Or maybe I shouldn't go for it. Maybe my students are hiding it for someone else.
    I have a lot of weird things in my office thanks to my students and the general nature of working with college student leaders.
  4. It's absurdly close to my computer so I'm digging in.
  5. Where's the card? You have to be polite and open the card first.
    Keep in mind no one was with me. Would the gift giver even know if I didn't open the card first?
  6. OMG this card is actually adorable and has a picture of my staff.
    They even photoshopped some of the people who were missing. Why are they so cute?!
  7. And these gifts are even sweeter.
    A print of Ohio that says "Like a Boss" (get it? I'm their boss hehehe) and a Columbus, OH sweatshirt (I'm new to the state and this job).
  8. My heart feels full - Christmas cheer for everyone!