Still finding my niche here on the ListApp. Figured I may start a series of lists about a topic I do well - shade. To kick of shade queen Sunday, enjoy my favorite moments of the ever shady Miranda Priestly.
  1. "No, no that wasn't a question."
  2. "Please bore someone else with your questions."
    I say this often but with my face rather than my words.
  3. She gives Andie an up and down that clearly disgusts her to her core.
  4. The Cerulean Monologue
  5. "It's an absurd weather problem."
    I feel the same way about hurricanes too, M.
  6. By all means, move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me.
    I think this often and with the same level of enthusiasm.
  7. The moment where she laughs quietly to herself after seeing Andie post-Paris. Then without missing a beat she barks at the driver to go.
  8. That's all.