1. What is the 12 hour rule, you ask?
  2. It's a pathetic attempt at work-life balance.
    Aren't we supposed to be striving for work-life harmony? Whatevs.
  3. 12 hours is the minimum amount of time that me and my colleagues strive to not be in the office between working days.
  4. For example, we didn't leave the office until 930p last night which means we shouldn't be in the office until 930a today at the earliest.
  5. We have a staff meeting at 10 today so you best believe that my goal was to get to work at 950a.
  6. But then, my colleague played to my weakness and said that if we got to work at 9 we could go get donuts and breakfast sandwiches.
  7. So I alerted Team Melanin ✊🏾 and set my alarm.
    There's only three of us 😂
  8. Is it sad that the only reason I'm currently showered and dressed this morning is the promise of a chocolate raised with sprinkles? 🍩
  9. Not at all. Because I still get to eat a chocolate raised with sprinkles (and maybe a blueberry cake for later).
  10. Happy Tuesday Y'all! May you find joy in a donut or a loved one today!
  11. PS. The hell is this update?!
  12. Update: