1. Spoilers, obviously.
    Is The Mindy Project even a show you can spoil?
  2. ...
  3. ...
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  5. ...
  6. The wedding gets postponed but the registry remains open.
    Maybe not unrealistic but seems like something Carrie Bradshaw would do.
  7. Mindy willingly gives away a room full of designer clothes and shoes.
    Ok, sure. Leo needs the space for a nursery but for free?! Mindy of the previous seasons would have made this a big event and took the tax write-off. Is this what growth looks like?
  8. "Later, Baby" securing like a dozen tickets to Hamilton.
    However, the student named Shlow (Chloe) asking to re-sell hers is way too real.
  9. Mindy not actually showing up to Hamilton to eat lasagna with Danny instead.
    Controversial: I'd choose Hamilton over lasagna every time. My few Italian ancestors are rolling in their graves and to that I say, "I am not throwing away my shot."
  10. Also, is Later, Baby a really subtle 50 Shades of Grey reference I'm now only getting because it's 6am?
  11. Bonus! I laughed obnoxiously loud at Mindy's delivery of this:
  12. "If he [Leo] spends too much time with Danny, he's gonna turn on me. The other day he knocked a Dorito out of my hand and said Mama no! It was chilling."
  13. Chilling indeed. Happy Wednesday!