The wifi went out so I made a list. The wifi is back so I am posting it here now and resuming S-Town buhahahha
  1. The kardashians have really done a lot to influence current fashion
  2. I will always feel guilty about politely declining the perfume sales attendant's help before trying all of the perfumes and then leaving. I will also never stop doing this.
  3. Kids are weird
  4. I think the guy at Armani is making eyes at me.
  5. I'm really bad at having prolonged "making eyes" eye contact with strangers
  6. Is it too early for a cocktail?
  7. There is a juicy couture store here. I guess alexandria was right about Greek fashion being stuck in the early aughts. (Also I had to check if I spelled "aughts" right and I DID)
  8. This jazzy rendition of Cee Lo Green's "fuck you" is IT
  9. Getting so pumped seeing the fancy Emirates ladies walking to MY GATE