This is a list for lists that I'm thinking of writing...
  1. My favorite emojis
  2. Quotes I love
  3. Reading list
    Books I'd like to read
  4. Favorite shows
  5. Interesting things
    Could be a person, a bumper sticker, a conversation I wasn't a part of, or just something I noticed while sitting on the gross couch that came with our "furnished" apartment.
  6. Goals
    Throughout Life, for a week, for that day, in an hour?
  7. Favorite tweets
    By friends, acquaintances, or famous people
  8. Thank you list
    To anyone who has ever helped me...
  9. Titles of Essays I've written...
    I'm the worst with titles...especially when I'm making them up minutes before submitting my paper.
  10. Three Good Things
    Three good things in thankful for (daily)
  11. Jobs + Careers
  12. memes that make me laugh
    When I'm scrolling on social media at the odd hour of 2am
  13. The hits
    Songs I'm currently obsessed with
  14. Fears
  15. Why am I awake at 2am?
  16. short stories by me
    Bad titles to Short stories and poems I wrote for my intro to creative writing class.
  17. Authors I am obsessing about
    A list of authors I'm really interesting in and the books written by them that I plan on reading
  18. Lessons I've learned in college
    So can write a 10 page paper in one night. Editing will be the toughest part. Learn to let go.
  19. Places I'd like to go: LA version
    Museums, cafes, restaurants, parks, shops, etc
  20. Places to go: LA
    A list of places that are pretty groovy and cool.
  21. Places I'd like to go: countries & cities versions
    NYC, Mexico, Paris, India, China, Japan, Spain...
  22. Cars
    My style of cars...when I get my license.