I recently switched from a Nexus 5X to a Galaxy S7 and I've noticed some differences, both good and bad
  1. Rear camera
    Super fast to focus and capture
  2. Front camera
    Definitely a step back from my other phone. It has that annoying akin softening that Samsung always does that makes everything (especially Snapchat) look worse
  3. Performance
    Solid performance is a lot more consistent on this phone and it seems to be able to switch between apps very easily and fluidly
  4. Battery life
    Still testing this out, but I think the battery is better during usage than my other phone but standby time is a little worse without Doze. (Samsung may have Doze, but I'm not sure)
  5. The buttons
    I'm still not used to the switched back and multitasking buttons. Not sure why only Samsung does them like this, but it's annoying
  6. Fingerprint scanner
    I miss the placement on the back from my Nexus and this one doesn't work with the screen off either. It may also be slower, but I can't confirm that