Things you see on the late afternoon Metro Rail

Recently I took the train from downtown to my stop (8 stops from downtown). I've never been so cramped in all my years, but I saw some one of a kind things along the way
  1. Opening the train door to see everyone sigh as their squeeze got that much tighter
    Don't even get me started on if those newcomers have bikes
  2. The collective groan when nobody gets off at a stop and more people get on
  3. Old people who've been doing this for years, reading, completely unphased while remaining perfectly balanced
    They're the closest thing to ninjas I've seen in a while
  4. The absolute pity seen in the eyes of those lucky enough to have gotten actual seats
    I made eye contact with this guy multiple times and each one said "you poor thing" with more and more sincerity
  5. People looking for witnesses when they lose their balance
    You feel like someone will fall over. It's inevitable. You just hope it's not you and that everyone won't see it
  6. Unintentional groping and forced hand placement
    In such close proximity, you won't have much space for you arms, legs, body, etc... So you'll end up with your hand on a dude's thigh for 15 minutes or a lady's butt in your backpack. Everyone feels it but nobody acknowledges it, ever
  7. The truest form of the buddy system
    A crowded train is one of the few places I can think of where pushing someone is a good thing. You're all in this together and if they fall, that will affect you, so push people back on their feet. Get that assist and make it home safe
  8. You feel every single stop
    As I stated previously, I lived 8 stops from downtown. Every passenger was mentally measuring the distance from one stop to the next, praying someone would get off at the next one, but to no avail. In fact, most people on the train got off at my stop, so we were stuck together the whole way through
  9. The dismantling and reassembly of the train order
    At every stop, with room hard to come by, passengers would get off and allow new passengers aboard before scrambling to get a new spot and hoping everyone could fit. Shaky logic, but after standing in a new spot every stop, we made it work through nothing short of divine intervention