Inspired by @joemurphy and @xtineengels
  1. Braiding my hair
    But no one else's
  2. Remembering who was in that movie, what else they have been in, their character's name and backstory
    Sometimes I just read IMDb for fun
  3. Cracking my neck
  4. Quoting movies, tv shows, books, poetry
  5. Remembering to take my birth control
  6. Giving advice to friends in relationships even though I've literally always been single
  7. Memorizing songs
    A sampling of songs I could sing by heart right now: Pretty Fly for a White Guy, Someone Like You, E•MO•TION, basically all of Hamilton and all three High School Musical movies
  8. Reading recreationally
  9. Reading analytically
  10. Applying liquid eyeliner
  11. Taking notes
  12. Making the following desserts: Texas sheet cake, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, scones, brownies
  13. Trying new things
  14. Alphabetizing
  15. Making origami cranes
    But no other origami patterns