Normally, my family loves watching movies together. But for every School of Rock or Guardians of the Galaxy, there are these...
  1. Watchmen, in theaters, with my dad
    The world's most awkward sex scene, in Zack Snyder's dark slow-mo style. This entire movie was uncomfortable. I had just read the graphic novel and my dad thought it would be a fun father-daughter thing to see the movie together. Nope.
  2. The first five minutes of Carrie, at home, with my parents and younger brother
    We had to turn it off because we were all too uncomfortable. I haven't gone back to watch it since.
  3. Black Swan, on a laptop in a hotel room, with my mom
    Pretty uncomfortable, but not as bad as you might think. Definitely didn't make eye contact with her the rest of the night.
  4. Bridesmaids, in theaters, with both of my grandmas, my aunt, my mom
    Mainly because, during the opening scene, my grandma threw her hand in front of my face and whisper-shouted "Avert your eyes!"
  5. Juno, in theaters, with my grandma
    Surprisingly, not that awkward. She is not the grandma who covered my eyes during Bridesmaids. Only a little weird when we left the theater and saw a group of people from my high school who had obviously not been going to the movies with their grandma.
  6. BONUS: NOT The Hangover
    I watched this alone. My parents watched it, and my mom said "I think you'd like it! Watch it without me."