👋🏻hi guys it's been a while. I'm finally feeling listy again.
  1. A Benihana Christmas (The Office)
    The dueling Christmas parties! Michael forgetting which Benihana waitress is his date! Dwight stealing Toby's robe! Season 3 in general was Peak Office.
  2. An Echolls Family Christmas (Veronica Mars)
    Also one of my favorite episodes of this show overall. A good mystery and juicy drama. Plus, Logan's snark sparring with both Weevil and Veronica is top notch here.
  3. Christmas Who? (SpongeBob SquarePants)
    Giphy downsized medium
    Featuring one of the best Christmas songs, "This Christmas Feels Like the Very First Christmas To Me." Plus, Squidward as Santa ❤️
  4. The Christmas Invasion (Doctor Who)
    Also the introduction of David Tennant's 10th doctor. He fights aliens in his pajamas! "Very Arthur Dent."
  5. The 23rd (New Girl)
    This is right around when season 1 New Girl started to find its feet. All the NG Christmas episodes are good, actually.
  6. How Lily Stole Christmas (How I Met Your Mother)
    How did this show only have one Christmas episode?
  7. Christmas Special (30 Rock)
    Elaine Stritch is so good, you guys.
  8. Christmas at Downton Abbey (Downton Abbey)
    The rest of the show is a hot, gorgeously costumed mess, but Matthew and Mary's proposal in the snow is PERFECTION.
  9. Noël (The West Wing)
    This is a classic WW episode 👌🏻
  10. 🎄Christmas Episode Superstar🎄 Community
  11. Comparative Religion (season 1)
    The one with the "rumble" in the Christmas decorations
  12. Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas (season 2)
    The one with the stop motion animation and the heartbreaking Abed story
  13. Regional Holiday Music (season 3)
    The one with the savage Glee parody
  14. Merry watching, everybody