I had this realization the other day and wanted to share.
  1. Four words: Barry Allen's Cry Face
    Grant Gustin has what I call the Alyson Hannigan Effect. They cry, I cry. They also somehow become cuter when crying.
  2. Two of my top 10 current shows are on this network:
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Not your typical CW show. This show is weird and dark and it's a goddamn musical comedy. Rachel Bloom is a gift. Santino Fontana is a dream. Donna Lynne Champlin is so fucking great. EVERYBODY WATCH THIS.
  4. The 100
    This show is all about survival: what needs to be done to survive, how to justify sacrifices in the name of survival, and what happens when people put their own survival above others. It also has some of the most kickass ladies on tv, and some much-needed (if still slight) LGBT representation.
  5. I applaud their commitment to hotness
    The CW casting method seems to be: find very hot people who are mildly talented with potential to grow. Then, give them progressively more emotionally rich story lines and watch them become actually talented. See: Stephen Amell on Arrow
  6. They are making the best DC comics adaptations that are not directed by Christopher Nolan
  7. My guilty pleasure shows are on this network:
  8. The Vampire Diaries
    This show is the televisual equivalent of Chili Cheese Fritos. I know it's not Good for me, but it's so goooood. Also I tend to consume too much in one sitting.
  9. Reign
    This show is so gorgeous and so historically inaccurate. I can't stop. The high-stakes drama works because the French court was actually as dangerous as other teen shows would have you believe high school is.
  10. The CW is kinda problematic, but I have to give them props for making such good tv and good bad tv
  11. Plus: ABS