A friendly PSA for all tv viewers
  1. It's only 9 hours long
    8 30-minute episodes in season 1, 10 in season 2. So easy!
  2. It is hilarious
  3. The songs are damn catchy
    A perfect mix of Disney-style songs and riffs on specific musicals/musical tropes. Thank you Alan Menken and Glenn Slater!
  4. The guest stars are amazing
    Weird Al, Anthony Stewart Head, Hugh Bonneville, Ricky Gervais, Kylie Minogue, Nick Frost, and more!
  5. Community-esque levels of meta humor, but with musical references added in
  6. Two words: Timothy Odmunson
  7. Madalena is a very fun villain
    Kind of unhinged but also relatable
  8. Speaking of Community, this is Magnitude (pop POP!)
    Also Lee Jordan from the first Harry Potter movie (aka Luke Youngblood)
  9. They don't use the Middle Ages/fairy tale setting as a lame excuse to only have white people in the cast
    Yeah, it's not the most diverse/inclusive, but it could be worse
  10. Okay, now just gifs
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  24. Go watch it!
    It's all on Netflix!