I love these characters, but they would be terrible to be with in a relationship. For those I would def date: FICTIONAL PEOPLE I WOULD FOR SURE DATE
  1. Matt Murdock/Daredevil
    "But LOOK AT HIM!!" I know, I know. But he's...kind of an asshole? Heroics and strong moral code aside, he has major issues sharing his life with people.
  2. Also this:
  3. The Doctor
    He'd just leave me in the wrong place/time because I age like a normal human being and that bums him out and also he has mega commitment issues.
  4. Spike
    He is a demon and since I am not Buffy he'd feel no guilt over treating me like shit.
  5. Logan Echolls
    He and Veronica are perfect for each other because of how messed up they both are. In real life, I would be much better off with Piz 😐
  6. Ted Mosby
    Way too into the Big Romantic Gesture. Also, I would just be a stepping stone on the way to his Real Romance. Even if we got married, I'd have to die to get out of the way. (I'm still bitter about this finale)