None of my friends like Frightened Rabbit, so here I am. This is the third concert of theirs I've been to, the second on my own.
  1. I like showing up when doors open so I can get a spot near the front.
  2. So there's a long awkward stretch where I am standing alone, looking at my phone, wondering if I want to buy a beer this early.
  3. I look around (discreetly?) and try to see if anyone is staring at the Girl Alone and also noting anyone else who appears to be here alone.
    Not that I'd talk to them or anything. But it's nice to know I'm not the only one.
  4. Never make eye contact with anyone ever.
  5. Think about the beer again. Google the opening act.
  6. Ooh, merchandise.
    Stare at shirts for a very long time as more people trickle in. The crowd at the foot of the stage is still only about 9 feet deep, so I'm good.
  7. Decide to think about the shirt rather than buy it now.
  8. More standing, attempting to give off an air of 'I'm perfectly confident being here alone' or 'I'm waiting for someone.'
  9. Okay. Opening act. Not bad. I still feel like I stand out as ALONE when there isn't a big crowd.
  10. More standing around.
  12. The band takes the stage. Here we go...
  13. 🎶🎶🎸💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🎸🎶🎶
  14. In the end, the only relationship that matters is the one between me and the music. Like going to the movies, it's nice to share the experience but it's not essential.
    Maybe I'll go see Captain America Civil War alone next weekend. I need to get more friends who are fans of Scottish alt/indie rock and comic book movies.