Either I read this book while listening to this album a lot, or my brain just linked them up. Like a good red wine and fancy chocolates, these just pair well together.
  1. Gone Girl/1989
  2. Giphy
    Taylor is totally channeling Amazing Amy in the Blank Space music video. I have very strong memories of listening to this album for the first time while reading Gone Girl on the bus.
  3. Station Eleven/Cleopatra
  4. Static
    I just finished this seriously gorgeous book and have also been listening to The Lumineers' new album for the past few days. Obviously in a post-apocalyptic world, music would return to folk/acoustic roots. Plus, the titular song -- "I was Cleopatra/I was young and an actress" -- captures the wistfulness for the past and the magic of theater that pervades Mandel's book.
  5. Jane Eyre/How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
  6. Static
    "Cause there's a whole where your heart lies/And I can see it with my third eye/Oh my touch it magnifies/You turn away you don't know why" is VERY Jane/Rochester.
  7. American Gods/Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack
  8. Static
    Mainly for the presence of 'Hang Me, Oh Hang Me' in both.
  9. Isla and the Happily Ever After/The Blessed Unrest
  10. Static
    Really any of Stephanie Perkins absolutely delightful books would pair well with Sara Bareilles.
  11. Cloud Atlas/Takk...
  12. Static
    I really love David Mitchell's crazy nesting doll book and Sigur Rós' atmospheric, distilled-sounds-of-my-soul music. Put them together and you have a pair of gorgeous cosmic masterpieces that I'm gonna keep recommending to you until you listen to me.