This show is ridiculous. I'm 5 episodes in, and I already know I'm going to binge it like a bag of chili cheese Fritos.
  1. "What if Summer was a doctor from New York who moved to Alabama?"
  2. Her name is Dr. HART and she wants to be a HEART surgeon but she has terrible bedside manner and needs to work on her own ❤️
  3. So many Deep South stereotypes, y'all
    But like, only the cute/classy ones
  4. Cress Williams is a goddamn delight always in everything he does, and this is no exception
    He plays the mayor of Bluebell who is a former linebacker and the only man who can pull off this hat.
  5. There is character named BRICK who has a daughter named LEMON
  6. Lemon wears a lot of yellow
  7. Rachel Bilson is always fabulously dressed
  8. Even when casually delivering a baby at a party
  9. LIES
  10. The houses are beautiful
    I love the Alabama-town-on-a-Hollywood-backlot look
  11. People walk down the middle of the road a lot
    I get that's it's a small town so there aren't likely to be a lot of cars, but let's be safe here.
  12. I love a good comical height difference
  13. I just want to stroll under trees covered in Spanish moss
  14. I can't help but think "Man this town is very white"
    I've never been to small town Alabama, but still
  15. Also, they are very careful to romanticize/poke fun at traditional Southern vales without bringing up racism
  16. Who knows if they'll ever address the less charming/funny parts of Southern history and culture
    I hope they do, if only to show that the writers are aware of what the real South is actually like.
  17. For now, it's a very pretty picture