1. Zootopia
    Finally saw this on Netflix! I really enjoyed it, but I am unclear as to why the tiger dancers at the end were so sensual
  2. Hidden Figures
    Saw this with my sister. It is SO GOOD. I am I love with Janelle Monae. That scene where Kevin Costner says "at NASA we all pee the same color" was somehow touching and not totally laughable. See this movie!!
  3. Moana
    Still singing the songs! I definitely cried, partly because I was laughing so hard.
  4. Y Tu Mama Tambien
    I wanted to watch this mainly because I saw Diego Luna in Rogue One and he is 😍. Also, I feel like I've heard so much about this movie, without really knowing what it's about. It was not exactly what I expected. I loved it. Hilarious and moving and full of genuinely awkward and yet endearing sex scenes.
  5. Like Crazy
    Oh man. I'm sad about Anton Yelchin all over again. Also the score is beautiful and Felicity Jones is magnificent as usual.
  6. The Lego Batman Movie
    💯 Best Batman/Joker dynamic ever
  7. Moonlight
    I was a little wary (as I always am with movies that everyone gushes about) but oh my god am I glad I saw this. This movie is beautiful and heartbreaking and okay I'll stop gushing just go see it.
  8. Jackie
    I watched this right after Moonlight, which was a very jarring experience. Natalie Portman is amazing, but I found myself a little annoyed by the breathy accent — even though its accuracy is what will earn her the Oscar if she wins.