I'm refreshing my high school French
  1. Yes I do.
  2. Aw, thanks.
  3. You do you 🐢
  4. I'll take that as a compliment.
  5. The zombie is my favorite thing Duolingo has ever given me.
  6. 🎶All by myself🎶
  7. 😟
  8. What drugs are you on, lumberjack?
  9. No.
  10. You go, dude! Defy gender roles!!
  11. Cat lady!
  12. 🐷😢
  13. Mullet dudes
  14. Rémy the grouchy taxi driver.
  15. Damn. That's harsh.
  16. He's not worth your time, girl.
  17. That is not a tiger.
  18. "The dolphin is pretty." The dolphin is full of itself.