Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Who: Declan From Manchester
  2. When: September 2014 (I was 21)
  3. Where: In the kitchen of the house I was staying in for my 4 month internship in Dublin
  4. Why: short version is 'I was drunk and he was British'
    Keep reading for the long version
  5. I went out with my roommate and her friends and we ran into her boyfriend and his friends
  6. One of whom was Declan From Manchester
  7. When he found out I was from California, he proceeded to sing the theme song from The OC and tell me how much he loved that show
    When I think about this now my reaction is UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH, but at the time it was oddly charming. Probably because he was tall and British.
  8. Okay, real talk I was drunk
    Well past tipsy, but still able to stand AKA I start doing and saying things Sober Julia never lets get to the surface
  9. And we were dancing all goofy and singing along to the music
  10. I had a moment of realization: He is flirting with me! And I am flirting back!
  11. Later in the night, the roommate's boyfriend was sick, so we all started heading home
  12. Declan From Manchester walked back with me
  13. We sang and danced in the empty streets of Rathmines
  14. And when we got back my roommate left to put her boyfriend to bed
  15. Declan and I were alone in the kitchen
  16. I started to go upstairs, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back
  17. He kissed me, and it was a little weird because my lips were closed and his were not
  18. I'm not sure what I expected someone else's mouth to feel like, but it was weird and nice and unnerving-in-an-exciting-way and just plain unnerving
  19. I pulled away, said I was going to go to bed again, he pulled me back
  20. This time I opened my mouth a little
  21. When I pulled away the third time I had the thought that if I kept returning eventually he may pull me somewhere I was really not ready to go
  22. So I said "I'M REALLY TIRED" in a weird panicky-emphatic voice and ran upstairs
  23. I saw home the next morning at breakfast and I don't know if he slept on the couch downstairs or if he had come back to pick up his friend
  24. I didn't say anything to him and ran upstairs to eat my toast in bed
  25. I never saw him again
  26. The end