Inspired by @ShawnKelly and @joemurphy
  1. Because I'm a middle child
  2. Because any grade lower than an A- was met with "But of course you tried your best."
    Cue the guilt if you didn't actually give 100% that one time
  3. Because PE teachers never yelled at me for not participating fully
  4. Because my parents always encouraged us to do whatever we wanted, but to be realistic about it and have a plan
  5. Because we always had dessert after dinner
  6. Because family outings almost always meant some kind of museum
  7. Because my parents never argued in front of us, in fact none of us ever really argued (only disagreed)
  8. Because no one talked about the family history of mental illness
  9. Because teachers always greeted me with "Oh, you're Marina's younger sister!"
    Because she was mega-participant-valedictorian
  10. Because my mom said things like "You need to start getting your eyebrows done" when I was 13
  11. Because my dad is kind of a music snob
  12. Because sometimes we would put a record on and have a family dance party, just because
  13. Because I have been loved for who I am, and I am quiet
    Because I have been allowed to bottle things up
  14. Because I was only ever allowed to quit if I had given something a second chance
  15. Because I was allowed to read whatever I wanted