Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. Say "okay" to themselves as they complete every small step of the getting-ready process
  2. Need to set three separate alarms at different locations in order to wake up
  3. Sing along loudly to music while driving
    I cannot travel without music
  4. Say "dude" a lot when they get excited
  5. Read texts/emails and think "I don't know how to respond to that right now" and then forget to respond at all for a few days
  6. Forget to eat dinner until 9:00 and end up eating bread and cheese while standing in the kitchen
  7. Bring a book everywhere
  8. Refuse to ride in taxis/ubers unless absolutely necessary
    I like to be in control of where I'm going. I also have a fear of being kidnapped by my driver and not knowing until it's too late because I'm not familiar with the area.
  9. Say "right" and "oh yeah" as someone is explaining something to them so that it appears that they already know
  10. Say "Have a great time!" whenever someone is heading out on an errand they don't want to do
  11. Fart when they laugh too hard