1. TAXES
    What if I did them wrong?? Will the IRS arrest me???
  2. I still haven't made any friends in DC what if I die alone???
    When I'm stressed I get dramatic and fatalistic. Don't I sound great to hang out with?? BE MY FRIEND.
  3. Finding a gynecologist on my health insurance so that I can finally get a new birth control prescription so I can stop going to the only Rite Aid in DC to pick up my prescription from my doctor in California.
    There are a lot more Rite Aids in California and transferring to CVS would require renewing the prescription from my old doctor and I should really cut ties there and just get a new doctor. Also I hate dealing with doctors. Nothing against them as humans.
  4. For some reason I have been designated the party planner for a coworker's going away party?? I've only been here 3 months.
    Why is this my job? Is it a lowest-on-the-totem-pole thing? I know you normally leave at 4:00, but can't you stay until 4:30 to eat cake and say goodbye to Kari?? I don't know what kind of cake she likes I met her three months ago and talk to her mostly about work and TV.
  5. My legs are super splotchy but it's getting to be so warm out and I don't want to wear tights.
    Are people staring at my pale, splotchy legs? Is it the size of my thighs? Is it the blinding paleness? I can't change these things.