Especially if it's one of the ones in the corner of my mouth that looks like a cold sore but is NOT.
  1. "Really?!"
    I mean, really. This is dumb.
  2. Begin mantra: "Don't touch it, don't pop it, don't touch it, don't..."
  3. Stare furiously at face in mirror in attempt to clear skin with sheer force of will
  4. "Whatever. This is how it is."
    I've tried being all "love myself as a flawed human being" but mostly I want to cry
  5. Repeat mantra
  6. Wonder if people are staring
  7. Repeat mantra
  8. Go to the bathroom and lean really close to the mirror to get that gross closeup
  10. Go home, wash face
  11. Touch it, pop it
    Damn it