Inspired by @ListPrompts and @JennyJLee
  1. Never being asked where I'm from with that needling 'I'm just curious' voice
    I've seen people ask this, expecting an answer like "Shanghai" and being let down when they get "Nebraska"
  2. Being the race people expect when they hear my voice over the phone
  3. Being apologized to profusely when I get pulled aside for the random airport security checks
    Such an inconvenience, totally random, we promise it won't take long
  4. Being able to buy nude make up and tights and everything else in my skin tone
  5. Seeing myself represented everywhere
    And never being deprived of representation when a racially ambiguous (or explicitly non-white) book character is whitewashed in the adaptation
  6. And so many other things that a lot of more intelligent and eloquent people have already said.
  7. I was kind of scared to write this list
  8. Because I try to always check my privilege, but quietly
  9. I'm scared of seeming ignorant if I discuss it in a public space
  10. The fear of seeming ignorant in discussions about race is white privilege, too
    I don't have to be afraid of being threatened or silenced for daring to speak up for myself because white privilege means I've never really had to speak up for myself.