1. Cool lunch snacks
    A couple cookies and an "I love you" note spelled out in hieroglyphics = major mom points
  2. Video vs FaceTime
    I used to FaceTime with my daughter, which was fun for a few minutes until she became despondent because mommy wouldn't pick her up. Exchanging video messages instead is a game changer. She loves watching them over an over.
  3. Feeling guilty? Hang out with a European mom
    Find a mom who lives in Europe and listen to her talk about how she sends the kids to grandma's for the entire summer so she can get a combo of "me time" and "couple time" with her husband. All feelings of mom guilt vanish! You instantly realize your child will survive those five days without you.
  4. Pick up a gift for your husband
    It doesn't even need to be good. Does my husband really need a Super Bowl 50 beer opener? No But somehow those 10 airport dollars say thank you in ways words do not. (I don't have to tell you to pick up a $2 trinket for your toddler. You're mom)
  5. Sleep. Drink. Workout
    While your colleagues may be partying all night, you know nirvana is two glasses of wine, an early bedtime and a solid workout Before your 10 hours of meetings. Alone time doesn't happen every day. Enjoy!