1. I miss the random things she would save for me. It used to make me crazy because I would come home with stacks of articles she clipped out for me. I for years would save them for a week then throw them out a week or 2 later. Now I see she was just thinking of me. No one thinks about you like your mom does. I have the last few stacks she gave me
  2. Before she died. I think I can dig through them then find a little not she wrote me. Then have to stuff it all back into the bag into the drawer. To deal with another day.
  3. I miss having someone to show my craft projects to. My mom was someone who could figure anything out. She could copy a craft and make it better. If there was a craft she's probably tried it and quit three times. When I showed her my things she was genuinely interested and curious how you made something.
  4. I miss having someone who knows your history. When mom died my history died with her. No one else knew the garbage about me like she did. She lived and breathed us.
  5. I miss her random spaz outs about silly things..don't get me wrong when she was alive I rolled my eyes a lot. Thinking now it was just her worrying about me. Even though it was her freaking out about a big zit on my forehead spreading to my brain and killing me
  6. I miss random words she would say wrong like they were completely right. Like hermaphrodite.. she would say hermadorfadite. Or that muscle cream A535 she would call that r2d2
  7. I miss having her to call when some thing good or bad happens in my life. It took me like a solid year to not want to race home and call her when something happened
  8. I miss having her notice when I was drowning. Something no one else saw. She would step in and offer support with out pressure when she knew you couldn't handle it. I remember her coming over just before she got really sick after I had my first baby and just cleaning my house and holding the baby. Even though I said I didn't need help.
  9. I miss how she kept my family together. She managed a lot of really fucked up people with amazing skill. None of us really appreciated that. We haven't had a family meal all together since she died.
  10. I miss the idea of family since she died. I have let go of the idea of my kids really knowing their cousins and had to focus on making holidays and memories special for my family unit. This helped take the focus off my extended family life being garbage.
  11. I miss how she handled my dad. Man did she put up with a lot. That old guy and I do not speak the same language. I've tried. He's tried. As best as we could. I keep hanging on because she asked me to.
  12. I miss how she had the most amazing ability to make each and every kid in the family feel like they were her favorite. Her and I had a special bond as I was the last and we had a lot of quiet time together That I never truly appreciated.
  13. I miss seeing my mother from the perspective of a mother. She got really sick just after my oldest was born. He was sick in the hospital and one memory that really stood out to me was my dad and mom visiting us and my dad saying there should be tvs in the nicu and my mom and I looking at each other and saying naw there is something better.
  14. My dad left and I looked up she was staring at me and she said. "Now you know what love is." This really hits home that no one loves you like your mom does. If she loved me half as much as I loved that little baby. I was a very lucky person. But also realized how selfish I was and how hard on her I was.
  15. I miss knowing that there is someone there to support you. When my son was born. She came and never pressured me to let her hold him. To come in the room if he was sick. She was jus there. Ready to love me with food, cleaning and pet care... she was the on a desperate day and the baby was crabby and I asked her to hold him... she was over the moon
  16. I miss telling her stupid things the kids say or do. She would get a kick out of them.
  17. I miss never telling her that my baby girl has her name.
  18. I miss having someone to call with a parenting question. Someone who's seen it all.
  19. I miss the village to raise a child. It's hard to fill the void. I have tried with my sisters my mil and friends but people are busy with their own lives. I miss having someone step in and help reenforce what I am teaching them because we learnt out of the same book.
  20. I miss baking or left overs she would send home with you. It was nice to be cared for once in a while.
  21. I miss those basic recipes a mother would know that taste of your childhood and are something you would pass to your kids. It's the garden tomatoes and processed cheese sandwiches of your childhood.
  22. I miss my mother's crazy hippy nature walks where we had to pick mushrooms in a school field against our will. Or look for woodruff because she was always making something with it.
  23. I miss telling her that I appreciated her. As a woman and as a mother. That I now see that her quirks and words were from a place of love.
  24. I miss her affirmation that I am doing the best I can because I am hard on myself.
  25. I miss her.