Stuff that keeps me going.
  1. TOMS (shoes!) so comfy, like slippers. And someone who needs them gets a pair when you buy a pair. Cool.
  2. SHARPIE pens. Not markers. Pens. Make taking notes in meetings fun.
  3. GOOD SHEETS many varieties. Nothing better than "feet meet a good sheet."
  4. ICE COFFEE all year.
  5. AVA ANDERSON NON TOXIC household and personal care products. Healthy for us and super effective!
  6. BOOKS bury me in them. I may never get to them all but I want them.
  7. NETFLIX or LISTS hard to tell the difference here as my biggest joy from Netflix is probably adding things to my watchlist. Browsing is fun.
  8. SPOTIFY just another playLIST in my mind, waiting to be made.