1. We took a school bus to get there.
    The drive was 45 minutes but the road took us through the Catskills, which are actually beautiful, lush and green.
  2. It was at a barn.
    Did that surprise you? Either way, it made the event so ethereal. Little twinkly lights and sunshine coming in through the holes in the wall.
  3. The place cards were hand-written.
  4. The bride and the groom wore white sneakers.
    The theme of the wedding was "white sneakers" and plenty of people showed up in white Adidas shoes or Converse high tops.
  5. The bride walked in to "Wouldn't it Be Nice" by the Beach Boys.
    Teared up a little at this one. It's a fantastic song
  6. There was a table inside with Polaroid cameras and Polaroid film to take pictures.
    Couldn't figure out how to get the camera to work but I thought the notion was really thoughtful. People could take little pictures from the wedding instead of having to wait a few months for the professional photos and probably never getting around to look at them. It was a nice, memory-preserving detail.
  7. In this instance, I don't mean millennial in a critical way.
    Instead I interpreted it as the bride and groom departing from tradition, acknowledging that wedding hullabaloo (the only word I can use to describe it)is meaningless. They made wedding their own. It was low-key and casual and maintained sentimentality at the same time. It was exactly what the couple wanted and represented them perfectly--two people who love each other and want to celebrate it with their friends and family.