Facebook is the big thing on the web at the moment, and creating a good profile is key! Here are a few funny jokes you can include if you want your friends chuckling when they view your wall.
  1. List 'sarcasm' as one of your languages
    Real friends will recognize this part of you. It's always a hoot to remind the world of your edgy side.
  2. If you're unemployed, put 'Being my own boss' as your job
    On one hand, it looks like you DO have a job at first glance, but upon further inspection, your friends will realize you're making a funny, pretending being unemployed is an empowering choice. Good one!
  3. Give yourself a fake middle name
    Do you have a nickname? Doesn't matter. Facebook lets you put a middle name on your profile, so go with something totally silly. People think they know Jake Christie, but do they know Jake CurlyFries Christie?
  4. Add your FRIENDS as FAMILY members
    Look out for the double take from your Aunt Linda when she sees your friend Kyle listed as your dad! Whatta bamboozler! Create a family tree of all the people you want. Is your lab partner's little brother your nephew? Who cares?! It's Facebook official.
  5. List your deepest fears in the About section
    What is funnier than reading into the depths of one's soul? Tell your friends and followers about how you lie awake at night, dreading the thought of dying alone. How your Facebook profile is a feeble attempt to make a connection—any connection—with someone else in this world. You used to be able to quell the sensation of impending doom, but it grows harder. You're miserable, and day by day it becomes more difficult to go on living. And also spiders. Tell everyone how you're afraid of spiders.