Fun fact: there are other JC's than just Jake Christie. Here are a few.
  1. Jesus Christ
    The messiah. Overall good guy.
  2. J.C. Chasez from *NSYNC
    Fourth-most memorable member of a five-man pop group. Solid.
  3. J.C. Penney
    Department store. Good deals.
  4. President Jimmy Carter
    39th President of the United States. Noble Peace Prize winner. Not too shabby.
  5. Johnny Cash
    The Man in Black. Gives hipsters a reason to pretend they like country music.
  6. John Carter
    The biggest flop in film history. Notable, but pretty iffy.
  7. Jack Christie
    My uncle. Very nice guy.
  8. Jennifer Connelly
    You know she's married to Paul Bettany? Pretty cool stuff.
  9. James Corden
    Affable, fat, and British. A lot to like in this JC.
  10. Jersey City
    Right across the river from Manhattan. Nothing to complain about.
  11. James Caan
    Was in the Godfather and produced Scott Caan. Net positive, I think.
  12. Jerrod Carmichael
    I haven't watched the Carmichael Show yet, but I hear good things. New JC on the block.
  13. Jim Caldwell
    The coach of the Detroit Lions. Gives JC's a bad name.
  14. Jenny Craig
    Dietary program that helps Kirstie Alley take the weight off and KEEP it off. Good JC.
  15. Joseph Conrad
    Author of 'Heart of Darkness,' the tale of a man losing his sanity on a trip to Africa. Pretty creepy, but a good JC nonetheless.
  16. Johnny Carson
    Legend of late night TV. An honor to share this list with him.